From activities the whole family can get involved in to fast-paced aerobic exercise and low impact workouts to balance and coordination techniques, we’ve put together the ultimate list of 50 fun things to do on a trampoline.

Trampoline Activities for Kids

Four kids having a party on a decorated trampoline.

Let’s start with fun activities for kids, some of which they can do alone or with friends. Be honest, if you’ve got kids in the family, it was probably them that persuaded you to invest in a trampoline in the first place!

So, here are the first 10 fun things to do on a trampoline that are ideally suited for kids, with or without friends, which will stop them from getting bored. 

‘Roller’ rope jumping

This is a fun game that will certainly improve concentration levels and trampolining skills. Called Roller, the idea is that two children stand on opposite sides of the trampoline and gently swing a rope. Another child attempts to jump the rope without touching the rope. If they touch it, their turn is over and the next child gets to have their go.

Xs and Os

Make sure you use chalk for this activity which can be easily wiped off the trampoline mat. You can either put a giant Xs and Os square in the center of the mat if there are just a couple of kids, or, if there are quite a few friends, add three or four sets of squares and let everyone play at the same time. 

The traditional sleepover

Kids love sleepovers so next time they want to invite friends around for a sleepover, get the sleeping bags out and lay them on the trampoline. Add a tent, or if you haven’t got a tent, drape some sheets over the top. But make sure it’s going to be a warm night. Note that in order to distribute the weight evenly, people should sleep on the trampoline with their heads away from the centre.

Simon Says…

Add a bit of variety to the classic game of Simon Says with a trampoline. Sit the kids down on the trampoline mat and elect someone to start. Keep going round until a child gets caught out and forgets to say Simon Says…

Follow the Leader

This is fun game for kids (and adults!) that can easily be done on a trampoline. The first child does a trick or a movement according to their skill level while others wait their turn on the ground, then that child challenges the next child to do the same trick, plus add another. It continues with each child performing the previous list of tricks, and adding one of their own. If a child forgets a trick, or performs them in the wrong order, they’re out.

A bouncy ball pit

If you’ve got a trampoline net fitted it makes a fantastic bouncy ball pit. Don’t overfill the trampoline; have just enough balls to completely cover the mat and a couple of inches of depth.

Story time

Every kid loves a bedtime story (even big kids!) so, why not take it outside under the stars? Grab some blankets, pillows or cushions and a few favorite cuddly toys – and not forgetting their chosen storybook – and read their bedtime story by moonlight (but you may need a flashlight!).

Don’t spare the chalk

Instead of using an old-fashioned blackboard, get different colored chalks and get artsy on the trampoline mat. If you have more than one child, get everyone involved in drawing a part of a grand design or turn it in to a competition. The best bit is that the chalk will do no lasting damage to the mat; it’ll either bounce off if dry or if it rains, it’ll wash off.

Get twisting!

Now, we’ve put this on the kids list but it can be great fun for adults, too! Transfer that classic game of Twister onto the trampoline. Use chalk to create your different colored circles, just make sure there are four of each color and they are uniform in size and shape. 

Trampoline tea party

Tea parties are great fun but why not make them even more magical and fun by decorating the trampoline with outdoor lights, balloons and paper trailers and set up a tea party on the trampoline for kids.

Trampoline Activities for Adults

Woman standing on a rectangular trampoline, sunset in the background.

Next on our mega 50 things to do on a trampoline, we look at activities for adults. Some are things you can do alone, while others are more geared towards groups of friends.

Camping on a trampoline

Who said kids can have all the camping fun on a trampoline? In fact, camping out under the stars can be a wonderful romantic occasion, such as celebrating an anniversary or just to show someone how much you care. 

Get dancing!

Add an extra dimension to dancing by checking out your dance moves on a bouncy trampoline. Not only will it boost your happy feelings, but it will also improve your balance.

Try air dancing

Upgrade your basic jumping by having a go at air dancing. So, when you jump up and are in that moment of motionless at the top of the jump, throw in a dance move, like a kick or twist.

Comedy Club

That's right, you read it correctly. When your kids are at the grandparents, gather your friends, prepare your cola and popcorn, and challenge each other to crack some jokes. A trampoline is a perfect stage for endless laughter and fun!


Swap your yoga mat for a trampoline mat and practice your favorite yoga moves. It’s great for improving your balance and coordination, burns calories and boosts your health and wellbeing.

Cardio bounce

Add some bounce to your cardio workout on a trampoline with lunges, squats and jumping jacks. Not only will it up your cardio rate, it’s also kinder on your joints; a win-win! 

Take a ‘duvet’ day

We all need a day when we can totally relax and lounge around occasionally and your trampoline is the perfect location. So, grab your favorite books, throw in some cushions and blankets, and don’t forget plenty of water and snacks to keep you going while you lounge away!

Let’s twist again!

Playing Twister on a trampoline isn’t just for the kids, adults can have great fun, too. Get four different colored chalks and mark out the mat with evenly sized circles in a square and get twisting!

Test your endurance

It’sreally simple; how long can you last bouncing on a trampoline, or how many jumps can you do in a row? Either give yourself a target to reach, or just keep going and see how far you get. 


If you love kickboxing, you’re going to love practicingairboxing on a trampoline! You’ll be able to reach new heights and get better kicks when high jumping in the air.

Trampoline Activities at Night

Two girls in a tent reading by headlamp light.

Trampolines aren’t just for daytime, you can have great fun on them at night, too. Here are some cool things to do on a trampoline at night.

A magical sleepover

Get together with some friends or your bestie and enjoy a magical trampoline sleepover under the stars. Turn it into a romantic gesture, count the stars in the sky, read stories to each other or just spend the time catching up with each other’s news. 

Name the constellations

How many of the constellations can you recognize and name? We bet not many! Now’s your chance to discover just how relaxing watching the stars and finding the constellations can be.

Break out the romance

Looking for a new way to enjoy a romantic evening? Take your partner to dinner on a trampoline; yes, really! Deck the trampoline in outdoor lights to set the scene (much safer than candles!), cook dinner at home but enjoy it outside (or you can BBQ), add some beverages and music, and you’ve got the best romantic dinner in town.

Movie night

Enjoy a movie outdoors on a trampoline. All you need is a white sheet hung inside the safety net and get a projector (they’re not expensive) for the ultimate movie night. You can also use a laptop with a large screen. Don’t forget the blankets, pillows and popcorn!

Music night

Got a budding singer or musician in the family? Get together for a music night and a great sing-a-long.

Theatre night

Set the stage for a night at the theatre on your trampoline. What better place to perform a play for family and friends!

Education night

Set up some outdoor lights and gather a group of children together. Sit them down on the trampoline mat and use the outdoors or night sky as the topic of the lesson.

Story time

Drape some curtains or old sheets over the safety net, set out some comfy cushions and blankets on the mat and settle down to tell a story.

Have a party

A party at night is even more fun than during the day. Just make sure your trampoline is well lit – hang some outdoor lights around the outside of the trampoline or the top of the safety net – and cue the music!

Glow in the dark

The next time it gets dark, buy some glow-in-the-dark body paint and paint each other! Enjoy the artistic beauty of movement together with imaginative body paintings while taking turns on a trampoline.

Trampoline Activities for Two

Two smiling girls on a trampoline.

There’s nothing better than having fun with your bestie and here are a few cool things to do on a trampoline together.

Volleyball on a Trampoline

During those hot summer days, nothing’s more fun than playing some volleyball! Now, playing it on a trampoline is a bit different. One of you stays on the ground while the other is on the trampoline. The safety net will act as the volleyball net. Count the points or simply enjoy the game!

Obstacle course

Incorporate your trampoline into an obstacle course, either in the middle or at the end, and have the other person do a specific number of bounces or other activity before they move on.

Learn while bouncing

Combine keeping children from getting bored and burning off energy with learning while bouncing. It’sa great way to learn multiple tables or sums, history dates and other facts by bouncing at the same time.After all, it is a known fact that physical activity supports learning!

Star gazing

Choose a clear night and lay on your trampoline mat to gaze at the stars. Add a telescope to get a better picture but don’t forget the warm blankets in case it gets cold.

A romantic proposal

Planning on getting down on one knee? Add a bit of magic to the occasion by proposing on a trampoline. Sprinkle some rose petals on the mat, have some soft music playing in the background; you can even set up a mobile device to record the moment.

A duel for two

Challenge each other in a variety of activities, such as tumbling, star jumps, flips, balancing on one leg or other fun things to do on a trampoline.

Guessing Game

It's time to get creative! One player remains on the ground while the other jumps on the trampoline in this game. Take some paper and a pen, then select a category from which to choose a word and draw it on the page in 10 seconds. The person on the trampoline must then guess what the word is. 

The catch is that the one who’s jumping must spell the word with their body in the air, and the person who drew must guess what the person on the trampoline is guessing. Fun guaranteed! 

Spelling with chalk

Trampoline mats are great for chalk so, why not challenge each other to a spelling game? Not only are you having fun but you’re learning at the same time – just make sure you have a dictionary handy to avoid any arguments!


Nothing beats a good photo shoot. Choose your outfit, hairstyle, and makeup based on the mood and style of your photography. Make sure the camera or phone is set up correctly. There will be two of you involved: one will be the photographer, and the other will be the model. Make sure you take turns. You can also create funny outfits and take funny pictures together. Don't forget to share your amazing pictures with your family and friends once you're done!

Water balloon catch

Up the stakes with a game of catch using water balloons instead of soft balls. But remember, trampoline mats get slippery when wet so keep some towels handy to wipe them down.

Trampoline Challenges

A boy on a trampoline jumping and throwing a basketball into the hoop.

Why not push yourself, or others, by having a go at our trampoline challenges; you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

Trick challenge

If you have a group of friends who have experience in trampoline tricking, then this is something you! Perform a trick on the trampoline and challenge your friends to perform the trick you’ve done as well. However, make sure to be supportive and don’t go overboard!

Learn a new trick

Challenge yourself to learn a new trick on the trampoline every week or month. Remember to practice safely and slowly. It is crucial to master the basics before exploring into more advanced tricks. See our blog and videos on how to do trampoline tricks safely.

How high?

The thrill of jumping high never gets old. There are several reasons why you’d like to jump higher. Not only do high jumps allow you to practice more complex tricks, but they also train your body control and balance. However, make sure that you already have experience in trampolining before starting to experiment with high jumps. In case you are eager to practice, please make sure to read more about practical tips by Markku Keski-Oja on how to jump higher on a trampoline in our blog.

The basketball challenge

Our ACON trampolines are perfect for adding accessories and a basketball hoop is no exception. Have a go at playing H.O.R.S.E. or create your own challenge!


Yes, we really do mean the school playground game. Get some chalk and draw out the hopscotch board on the trampoline and see how far you get. Time how long it takes you to get to the end of the hopscotch board and back again. Get creative and add in a twist, backward jumps or a spin.

A center ball

This is a challenge for adults and kids; get lightweight ball – a soft ball or similar is ideal – place it in the center of the trampoline mat and draw a circle around it in chalk. Start jumping with the aim to keep your landing and takeoff as smooth as possible to avoid dislodging your ball too much.

Test your memory

Similar to the kids activity, work with someone else or a group of people. The first person creates a trick, jump or even a dance move on the trampoline. The next person replicates that performance and adds their own, and so on. When someone misses out a move or does them in the wrong order, they’re out.

Stop and jump

This is a great challenge for kids, no matter their age. Either an older child or an adult should be present if small children are involved. Each person gets on the trampoline individually and starts to jump. The rest of the group picks a number and the jumper has to do that many bounces before they say Stop. If the jumper doesn’t stop, or doesn’t reach the number, they have to start over again.

Catch a soft ball

This is a great challenge that really boosts your hand-eye coordinationas well as your balance. It can be done with two or more people and is basically a game of catch, but how good are you at catching the soft ball while bouncing on a trampoline?

Sit to Stand

Seems easy – right! Well, the idea of this game is simple. However, have you ever tried how many of them you can do? The idea is to see how many times you can jump to sit and then jump to stand in a row.Count how many times you can do it and challenge your family and friends!

Bonus Activity

Have you done each of our 50 fun things to do on a trampoline? Looking for something else to challenge you? See our recent post on the 30 fun trampoline games or combine trampolining with one (or more) of ACON’s accessories, including:

Crash mats – where you can leap and land with confidence.

Airtrack mats and blocks – a great place to start learning how to do tricks, flips and tumbles.

Gymnastics beams – low in height yet soft and sturdy and perfect for practicing safely while improving your balance and coordination.

Gymnastics mats – the perfect solution to mastering your landings and for home workouts.

Basketball hoops – the ultimate tool in perfecting your slam dunk!

Have we missed out a cool thing to do on a trampoline in our mega list of 50 trampoline activities? If you’ve got another one to add to the list, let us know and we’ll get it included.