A jumping kid wearing an Acon headband

We deliver the best bounce

The difference: SYNERGY DESIGN

Acon’s patented Synergy Design engineering ensures the frame, mat and springs work together to provide the best, most amplified bounce for you. We maximize every millimeter of our equipment to deliver a premium feel from the moment you step foot onto the mat. So you get nothing short of the ultimate jumping experience.

A Family of Springs

Detail of Acon X-Springs assembled.

X Springs

A closeup of Acon Performance trampoline springs assembled

Performance Springs

It's all about the bounce

We believe the best bounce is the one that's just right for the jumper. Want max air and a smooth and safe rebound for families? The Performance Springs is your answer. Or the classic, unbeatable Acon bounce with the X-Springs? Or an adjustable spring arrangement, which allows you to hone the resistance as your little ones grow and want higher leaps.

With Acon, you really can find your own bounce.

With Acon you can count on:

A thick, sturdy frame that doesn’t sway to keep energy focused on the mat and springs

Expertly engineered springs for maximum output

Synergy Design to ensure perfect harmony in movement

Which all combine to create our unrivaled best bounce, that keeps jumpers coming back again and again. We ensure a safe, consistent bounce, for one session and also thanks to quality components, for the life of your trampoline.

Cheerful woman sitting on an Acon 16 HD trampoline with a sunset as background
The best trampoline bounce - video still image.

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While we put the best of our thinking into every new trampoline, we never rest on improving our next. Getting it right is the perfect mix of art + science. New materials, new modeling, and new modes of engineering ensure we keep pushing the boundaries of bounce.


I can’t believe how high you can jump on this tramp. I have had friends over and they are shocked also how high we are able to jump. I would recommend this tramp to anyone.

- Thomas R.

Acon Air 16 Sport HD trampoline with enclosure on a beige background.

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