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Acon's rectangular trampolines stand as the pinnacle of trampolines. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s clear that no other rectangle trampoline can offer such a premium jumping experience. Known for their exceptionally even and smooth bounce, ACON’s rectangular trampoline is the choice for those who want nothing but the best. The 16HD and its smaller version 13HD are the height of fun for both families and tricksters and gymnasts on a professional level. The Acon X 17ft is the Future of Bounce and trampoline safety.

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Where to buy rectangular trampolines?
While other manufacturers also make rectangular models, Acon trampolines provide the world’s best bounce. The company’s use of Synergy Design ensures that the trampoline’s frame, mat, and springs are working together with every leap. You can find them at
Why are rectangular trampolines more expensive?
Rectangular trampolines often have a higher price point due to their premium design and construction. Their form is perfect for big families or jumpers looking to practice advanced stunts and tricks, thanks to their 'runway' shape.
Which trampolines are better - rectangular or round?
Choosing the right trampoline shape is a about understanding how you want to use it. Often times, families with younger leapers looking for simple backyard fun choose round trampolines. While individuals and families looking to do advanced flips and tricks opt for rectangular trampolines.
What are the sizes of rectangular trampolines?
Rectangular trampolines come in a variety of sizes. Acon manufactures two sizes of rectangular trampolines. A 13ft HD Sport model and a 16ft HD Sport model.
Are rectangular suitable for small kids?
Yes, rectangular trampolines can provide small kids hours of entertainment. Thanks to their unique shape, leapers can experiment in a variety of ways, from simple jumps and more. With plenty of space to move around on the mat surface.