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We believe you buy an Acon for life. Featuring some of the longest warranties in the industry, you can rest assured that your trampoline will last for years to come. In time, however, you may want to refresh your ACON. Therefore, we sell trampoline spares. Whether it's springs, paddings, enclosure nets, or other bits and pieces your backyard jewel needs, we've got you covered.

Our replacement part guarantee applies only to Acon products. If you wish to purchase trampoline spare parts for other than Acon products, please reach out to our customer care.

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ACON  Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline with enclosure and ladder.

16 HD

ACON Air 13 Sport HD Trampoline with enclosure and ladder.

13 HD

ACON Air 15ft Trampoline with Premium Enclosure and ladder.


ACON Air 14ft Trampoline with Premium Enclosure.


ACON Air 12ft Trampoline with Premium Enclosure and ladder.


ACON Air 10ft Trampoline with Standard Enclosure and ladder.


ACON Air 6ft Trampoline


Acon FIT Trampoline Hexagon white

Fit 55in

ACON Fit 44in Round Rebounder White Fitness Trampoline

Fit 44in

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Where to find spare parts for a trampoline?
The best place to get spare parts for a trampoline is from the trampoline manufacturer. This ensures that the pieces are designed to work together, performing best and working at its safest.
How to find correct parts for a trampoline?
To find spare parts for a trampoline, start with the make and model of your equipment. At Acon, we offer a guarantee to offer spare parts for 100% of all our trampolines. Replacing your equipment with factory originals ensures proper performance.
How do I know if the part is compatible with my trampoline?
If you have a question if the spare parts you’re looking at work with your Acon trampoline, our 5-Star Customer Service team is ready to help you! Please have your trampoline make and model handy. If you don’t know, take a picture of your unit and our team can help.
Does warranty cover spare parts for my trampoline?
At Acon, we offer some of the longest warranties available: 10 years for the frame. 5 years for most springs. 5 years for the jumping mat. 2 years for other mat components. 2 years for safety padding. After the warranty period ends, spare parts can be purchased for almost every component of any Acon trampoline.
Do I need to change certain trampoline spare parts regularly?
We believe in designing and manufacturing Acon for life, using durable materials that last. We recommend changing the safety enclosure every three years to ensure its strength. Check the mat surface and the springs often throughout the season for any wear, this is when parts need replacing.