Looking for the trampoline accessories that take your jumping experience to a whole new level? Then check out our lineup of the coolest equipment and toys that will keep your family flying high. We’ve got it all: basketball hoops, tents, weather covers, and more to make your trampoline the centerpiece of family fun.

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What accessories can be used on trampoline?
Trampoline accessory use depends on each manufacturer's specifications. Acon premium trampolines are rated to be used with a variety, from tents and scooters up to basketball hoops.
Where can I find a hoop/tent/any other accessory for trampoline?
Like all Acon products, our trampoline accessories are engineered to offer a best-in-class experience. Whether you want to explore hoop options, see our tent model or find a scooter, you can purchase them directly from our Acon accessories page.
How to know if the accessories are compatible with our trampoline?
We recommend buyers consult their owners manuals for compatibility. For example, Acon Basketball hoops require an Acon enclosure for proper installation. Our hoops are compatible with other brand enclosures with the same pole diameter as Acon (1 inch) While Acon Trampoline Tents are sized to fit securely and snug with our own trampolines.
Which trampoline accessories are the most popular ones?
Although new to the Acon family, basketball hoops have quickly become one of the most popular accessories thanks to their quality and durability. Nearly every season our trampoline tents sell out by the fall, too.
Why should I get accessories for my trampoline?
Trampoline accessories are a great way to give your trampoline more versatility and encourage users to explore their imaginations. Whether it’s transforming your trampoline into a court with our basketball hoop or creating a new clubhouse with a trampoline tent, accessories make for even more fun!