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Looking for the best trampolines for adults? Acon delivers like no other. With no single user weight limit on most of our models, you can have the peace of mind to enjoy high flying fun. From backyard behemoths like our 16ft rectangular or our indoor lineup of FIT trampoline rebounders for exercise, our premium trampolines deliver the ultimate performance. Who said trampolines are only for kids?

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What is the best trampoline for adults?
The best trampolines for adults are those purpose-built to deliver smooth, consistent bounces no matter the size of the adult. Acon trampolines have no single-user weight limit and are designed and crafted with premium parts. With Synergy Design, jumpers can have confidence they’ll receive the best bounce.
How do i know if my trampoline is for kids or adults?
Look for how well the trampoline is put together, as kids’ trampolines are not built for adults. Premium trampoline manufacturers like Acon use heavy-duty metal for the frames, galvanized steel springs and durable material for the jumping surface – so adults can safely and confidently attempt a variety of jumps and tricks.
What size trampoline can adults go on?
Adults can enjoy any trampoline that has been tested and verified for an individual’s weight limit. Premium trampoline manufacturers like Acon create rigorous testing protocols in order to accurately understand their limits. Acon has no single user weight limits on its trampolines.
Where to buy a trampoline for adults?
Adult trampolines can be found from direct-to-consumer retailers like Acon. Their premium quality trampolines are built using Synergy Design and come in both round and square models from as small as 6ft up to 16ft.
How long can adult trampoline?
Adults can safely trampoline for their whole lives as the smooth rebounding motion of the surface is easier on joints than running or other activities. As an excellent source of cardio exercise, fans of Acon trampolines get as much fun from trampolines as kids.
Are trampolines for adults sturdy enough?
Look for companies who focus on making sturdy, high-quality trampolines engineered for the weight of an adult. Trampolines that wiggle, wobble or flex a while jumping are probably not suitable. Acon designs and manufactures equipment that is strong enough to support adults doing a variety of flips, tricks, and jumps.