What is better than enjoying the summer days by doing trampoline tricks?

While some may disagree with the statement, there’s no doubt that many flips and tricks are performed on thousands of ACON trampolines around the world each summer. Which is exactly why we wanted to make sure that you have the best tips on how to do tricks on the trampoline as safely as possible.

In order to keep things even more thrilling, our very own ACON team leader Markku Keski-Oja (@marqflips on IG) demonstrates how to do all the most awesome tricks on a trampoline. Markku has been doing freestyle trampoline for over 9 years – and you can clearly see that in his videos! We highly recommend following him on Instagram to see even more amazing trampoline tricks and flips.

Learn the following trampoline tricks together with Markku:

Before heading to the trampoline trick tutorial videos however, we’ll be a bit of a wet blanket but only for a short moment as we want to remind you about safety.

Trampoline tricks - how to keep safe

Safety should always be the number one priority when attempting any tricks on a trampoline. Therefore, we recommend the following:

  • Watch tutorials and guides carefully
  • Learn the basics – master the basic jumps first
  • Be patient – trampoline tricks are not as easy as they look
  • Be confident – but not too confident

Now that we got the safety-related stuff out of the way, it’s time to learn how to do tricks on the trampoline. Remember to warm up well before trying each trick. Here we go!


Trampoline safety is critical to enjoying the trampoline to the fullest.
Please follow these rules to keep yourself and others around you safe. Never attempt flips without the necessary training, trying more advanced tricks without proper training may result in injury. Partake in them at your own risk. Only allow one jumper at a time on the trampoline.
Make sure you provide mature and knowledgeable supervision when jumping
on the trampoline. In non-jumping activities, more than one person can
enjoy the trampoline simultaneously.

Watch trampoline tricks with easy video tutorials

Now that we got the safety-related stuff out of the way, it’s time to learn how to do tricks on the trampoline. Remember to warm up well before trying each trick. Here we go!


Pullover is one of the first tricks that beginners learn once they have mastered the basic jumps. Being one of the most suitable trampoline tricks for beginners, it acts as a base for many other tricks later in your tricking journey.

Pullover tutorial - placeholder image.

Watch the video

How to do a pullover:

  • Fall on your back – no jumping. Make sure to keep feet pointing up when landing.
  • Jump on your back with a little jump. Slowly raise the height of your jump.
  • Do a regular somersault backwards
  • Fall into a somersault
  • Do a somersault without hands
  • Jump into it – and you’ve done it!

Now, let's try the frontflip.

Front Flip

Just like the pullover, the front flip is one of the most popular trampoline tricks to learn first. Watch the video...

Front flip tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

...and follow the steps:

  • Do somersaults on the mat without any jumping. When doing somersaults, place your chin to chest and round your back.
  • Jump into the somersault with a little hop. Increase the height of the jump slowly.
  • Do the same thing as on step 3 but without your hands.
  • Tuck it – that is, grab your legs in the air. Keep your feet apart So that your head fits between your legs. If you land poorly, you won't hit your knees.
  • Try to land the jump seated.
  • Practice the landing. Get as much height as possible and try to land on your two feet.
  • That’s it - you’ve done it!

But how about the backflip?


Once you’ve learned the front flip, you may wonder... how to do it backwards? Backflip is probably the most common trampoline trick people want to learn to do on a trampoline. We highly suggest learning to do the pullover before attempting to do a backflip.

Backflip tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

...and follow the steps:

  • Jump on your back. Start small and then go higher and higher. Look up while going down and keep your feet facing up.
  • Jump tucked on your back. It’s the same thing really, but this time you need to grab your legs or knees in the air.
  • Do some pullovers – they have similar feeling to a backflip
  • Once you are ready - go for it!
  • Keep practicing and nail the landing

And before you know it, you’ve nailed it!


Ballout is quite an impressive trampoline trick to master! As stated on the trick tutorial video below, we suggest learning the frontflip first.

Ballout tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

And follow the steps:

  • Practice how to do a controlled frontflip onto your back. Grab your legs under your knees.
  • This is called undertucking.
  • Practice the jumps from your back to your stomach.
  • Once you feel confident, it is time to really do it. Do the same thing as on step 2 but keep yourself in a tucked in position (we really recommend watching the video closely for this step).
  • Do the same thing this time with overtucks.
  • Land seated. Jump a bit higher in the beginning and stay tucked for a little longer.
  • Keep trying until you land on your feet.

And that’s it! Only two more trampoline tricks to master.

Double Flips

One of the most exciting things about trampoline tricks is that once you’ve nailed them, you can start combining various tricks. One way to do it is to learn to do double flips.

The tips in the tutorial video apply to any double flips, be it frontflip, backflip or even kaboom!

Double flips tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

And follow the steps:

  • Do single flips overrotated. The earlier you can open your tuck, the better.
  • Practice the takeoff – jump high and throw your arms to it as hard as you can.
  • Film yourself to see what you are doing wrong and compare it to the tutorial video.
  • Use a mattress to ease down the stress of landing incorrectly.
  • Have patience – learning double flips takes time.
  • And once you’re confident... go for it!

At this point, you can practically call yourself a true trampoline tricks enthusiast.


KABOOM! This trick is exactly as it sounds – which is exactly why we left it as the last one. Before learning how to do a Kaboom on a trampoline, we recommendmastering the backflip and pullover first.

Kaboom tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

And follow the steps:

  • Go to the back of the trampoline. When doing this trick, you should always star from the back of the trampoline.
  • Jump on your back with legs up and head supported.
  • Jump on your back with legs on the same level as back and keep your head supported. Feet and back should touch the mat at the same time.
  • Try to land your feet after your back. Hold feet a little longer in the air when landing on your back. This is a difficult step to master, so give time to it. Your soles should NEVER hit the trampoline when practicing this step.
  • And once you have REALLY mastered the step 4... do it.

And that’s it – now you are ready to impress your friends and family with your tricking skills.

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Practice trampoline tricks with ACON

We hope our thrilling tutorials of the most popular trampoline tricks together with none other than Markku Keski-Oja have inspired you to explore the possibilities of your ACON.

And in case you still don’t have one – well, you know what to do!