Have you run out of ideas on what to do on your trampoline? Simply bouncing around on a trampoline is an excellent source of fun for you and your family, but sometimes we want to experience a new kind of thrill. However, when you sprinkle in some creativity, it can quickly become a stage for some entertaining trampoline games. To get you started, we’ve collected a few of our favorites for you to try. Some require a few accessories, while others need little more than a bit of imagination.

When it comes to trampoline games, there are many possibilities, and the added element of bouncing will put a spring in your step when you play. Some popular games such as dodgeball or an egg race can be given an added dimension on a trampoline. Not only do players have to play the game, but they also must try to stay on their feet.

Learn about 6 exciting games you might want to try on your ACON trampoline:

  • Air Catch
  • Trampoline Basketball
  • Twister
  • Bird in the Nest
  • Attack the Castle
  • Trampoline Horse

Air Catch

Catching a ball can be straightforward, depending on the force of the throw and the size of the ball, of course. However, what if you had to catch it while flying through mid-air? That’s the idea behind air catch.

In this game, one player is on the trampoline and the other is outside. The player on the outside must throw the ball over the enclosure and into the air. The player on the trampoline must bounce into the air and catch the ball.

This requires coordination and timing, and you can score it whatever way you like – who has the most catches in a row or who has the most out of 10.

Trampoline Basketball

Want to master your hang time or pull off a stunning slam dunk? By attaching a backboard and basketball net to the inner side enclosure of the trampoline, you bring a new dimension to a game of basketball.

It’s a good idea not to use a full-size ball, though, especially with children involved, but you can play an exciting game of one-on-one and challenge each other to score the most spectacular baskets as you bounce through the air on the way to the net. In case you need inspiration on how to play trampoline basketball like a pro, search for slamball videos on social media.


Most of us know this game from our childhood. You don’t need a white plastic mat with colored circles to play this popular contortion game. By using chalk, you can draw out circles on the trampoline surface and players can take turns attempting to place hands and feet on the dots. Needless to say, this is one of those trampoline games that suits almost anyone regardless of their age.

Although the rules are easy, this quirky alternative of Twister will definitely challenge you. After all, the game comes with the added difficulty of players must maintain their balance on the bouncy surface.

Bird in The Nest

This game involves the trampoline and the surrounding area. You start with several different colored balls or bean bags. In other words, anything small that you can get your hands on will do, provided you have an equal amount of each color.

One player is nominated as the bird. Without allowing the other players to see, the bird hides the balls or bean bags at various locations around the garden.

Each player is assigned a color and must search for the hidden items of that color and bring them back to the trampoline, which is the ‘nest,’ one by one.

The bird can shout ‘to the nest’ at any point in the game, and all players must return to the trampoline whether they have an item or not.

The bird then counts the balls or bean bags of each color on the trampoline to determine the winner.

Attack the Castle

Like you already may have noticed, many trampoline games are thrilling variations of classic games we all grew up with. This game has elements of dodgeball about it. For playing Attack the Castle, you can use beanbags or even water balloons. One player is designated as the king or queen of the castle. They must stay within the enclosure of the trampoline while the other players remain on the outside.

The other players must throw balls, bean bags or water balloons over the enclosure, attempting to hit the king or queen. If they are hit three times, their turn is over, and the player who landed the final hit becomes king or queen.

At the end of the game, the winner is the person who has managed to remain king or queen the longest.

Trampoline Horse

Finally, for more advanced tricksters, here's a take on a game popular with young basketball players, specifically created for the trampoline.

The rules for this trampoline basketball game are similar to the original version. Players take turns making up tricks and then others must copy their moves. Flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to decide who goes first. The first player does a trick on the trampoline — like a flip or special jump — and the other players must copy them. Players who don’t complete the move add a letter. The first person to spell the word “HORSE” loses.

Endless Hours of Fun

Although you may know that an ACON trampoline can help bringing the family together for endless hours of fun, introducing some trampoline games can help keep the good times rolling – or should we say bouncing – along?

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