Acon X Trampoline soccer goal panel
Acon X Trampoline soccer goal panel installed
Acon X 17ft Trampoline with soccer goal panel
Acon X 17ft Trampoline with soccer goal panel
Two boys playing soccer on Acon X 17ft Trampoline with soccer panel
Two boys playing soccer on Acon X 17ft Trampoline with soccer panel

ACON X Soccer Goal Panel for ACON X 17ft Rectangular Trampoline


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Give your trampoline fun a kick with the Acon X Trampoline Soccer Goal. Score goals. Make saves. Bring a new dynamic to your soccer skills while playing on the trampoline. It looks, and feels, like a real soccer goal, right on your trampoline. The goal posts and crossbar are thick and white. The net wavers with every goal scored. It's so authentic, you’ll feel like you’re really on the pitch! There’s no better way to sharpen your precision soccer skills, improving your accuracy, balance and body control. Add another net on the opposite wall to create a real game environment, bringing more fun for the whole family. This exchangeable panel flips into place in minutes thanks to our patent pending twist n’ lock assembly system.

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Acon X Trampoline

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All materials are weather and UV resistant and REACH tested
What is a trampoline soccer goal?
A trampoline soccer goal is a fast and fun way to transform your trampoline into a soccer game space for fresh entertainment. The Acon X Soccer Goal panel can be put into place in minutes, letting players shoot, kick, defend and score goals with the added fun of playing on a trampoline.
How to play soccer on a trampoline?
The easiest way to play soccer on a trampoline is to add a trampoline soccer goal like the Acon X Soccer Goal Panel. Create a fun group game environment that combines the excitement of soccer with the joy of bouncing. For a 2-goal setup, simply add another goal panel.
How to assemble it?
The Acon X trampoline soccer goal can easily be installed, without the need for a ladder, in minutes. With our Twist N’ Lock technology switching out exchangeable panels is simple. Just twist the safety net poles to unlock and re-twist to replace when the new panel is set.
Is this product compatible with other ACON trampolines / other trampolines in general?
The Acon trampoline soccer goal is only compatible with the Acon X 17ft trampoline.

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