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Round trampolines are the perfect choice for family fun. Available in multiple sizes, you can choose the size that suits your needs the most. From our 6ft Baby Acon to our unbeatable 15ft trampoline, you’ll find premium safety features in all of our circle trampoline models. Reach new heights with round trampolines as they have a smooth bounce that helps to keep leapers in the middle of the mat. Recommended to be purchased with an enclosure for the max safety!

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Air 15ft Round Trampoline with Standard Net

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How to measure a round trampoline?
Round trampolines are measured by their diameter, which is found by starting at any single point around the outside and measuring through the exact center point of the trampoline to the opposite side. This full-length measure is the size of your trampoline.
What is safer round or rectangle trampoline?
Both round and rectangle trampolines made by Acon are safe. Determining which jumping experience you prefer is about understanding how their bounce differs. Due to a single, center point of bounce motion, round trampolines naturally move jumpers to the middle of the trampoline, away from the edges.
How to put a round trampoline together?
Putting together a round Acon trampoline: Assemble the leg bases of the metal frame, then connect the legs to the outer frame. Next, the trampoline mat is connected to the frame with the galvanized metal springs. Finally the safety padding is attached, and the safety enclosure assembled on top.
Can round trampolines be installed in-ground?
Yes, round tramp can be installed in-ground. However, it's important to note that the warranty on any Acon round trampoline does not cover in-ground use. Some customers have still installed their trampolines in-ground with good results.
What is the best enclosure for round model?
Choosing the best enclosure for a round trampoline model means understanding the options available. Acon enclosures come in standard and premium models. Both models include a zipper door entry, while the premium net comes inside the paddings and the standard net is placed outside the paddings/edges.
What is the difference in between different round models?
Acon round trampoline models vary in size, from the 6ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft to the 15ft option to offer families the right option that suits their needs. Smaller is better for single jumpers looking for fun; while the bigger models are for families, and fun-loving adults, who want a large jump zone for more tricks.
What is the warranty for round trampolines?
Trampoline warranties depend on the manufacturer. Most Acon round trampolines feature warranties of 10 years for the frame. 5 years for the springs. 5 years for the jumping mat. 2 years for other mat components. 2 years for the safety pad. And, where applicable, 1 year for the anchors, ladder, and enclosure.