Who we are

1992 - The thrill of discovering something new

Boing! Tarmo Sallinen is spending his exchange year in the United States and has just come across something he’s never seen outside a gymnastics hall before: a trampoline. An idea starts to emerge...


1996 - The thrill of following your dream

…until we are aboard a clattering campervan. Tarmo has just taken a hefty student loan and bought a van full of trampolines. Now he’s driving from the Netherlands back to Finland to soon sell the Finns their first trampoline ever. It’s eventually bought by the renowned magician Simo from the Jokeri Pokeri Box Magic Show – and he still has it today!


1997 - The thrill of freedom

Knock knock, would you like to buy a trampoline? Bigger batches of trampolines are bought and then sold in camping sites by knocking on people’s doors. But everything is still small: nights are slept in a van and when a water droplet condensated on the roof wakes you up, it’s time to get up and move on.


1998 - The thrill of evolving

The first trampoline container arrives from the States. Summers are spent solding trampolines and winters still spent in other jobs, but the scale of business is expanding all the time.


2002 - The thrill of getting popular

A small Acon shop opens in the back corner of a warehouse. Customers have to queue outside because the shop can’t fit as much as a couple at a time. One lady is heard wondering in a loud manner: ”Such an attractive advertisement – and such a store!”.


2003 - The thrill of adventures together with friends

Retailing is gradually left behind when Acon’s first own trampoline model, Acon Air, is released. It receives the approval of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation. A big part of China is explored to find just the right manufacturers. The business partnerships formed at this time have endured to this day, partners becoming friends that are met many times a year. When they first visit Finland, a thrilling motor sleigh safari is arranged.


2007 - The thrill of small successes

Online shop opens. The first purchase is done on a Sunday evening at 18:32 somewhere in Pietarsaari. It is celebrated at the Acon office by drinking a cup of coffee.


2011 - The thrill of winning something together – again

Yes, Finland wins the Ice Hockey World Championship! People get crazy and jump naked into public fountains.


2011 - The thrill of inventing something new

Acon’s brave heads have always been interested in hockey and street hockey, but there just haven’t been good enough products out there. That’s why Acon decides to develop its own Acon Wave series of hockey goals and shooting pads for street games and individual training. Mikael Granlund, the NHL star and the hero of the recent World Championships, wants to endorse the products – cool!

2014 - The thrill of going international

Things are building up: first an online shop is opened for Swedish market, and it’s soon followed by the versions for Europe, the United States, Canada and Russia. Acon’s equipment is moving people around the world already.


2015 - The thrill of mutual respect

Acon’s first employee, Riitta, retires. Her first job back in 2002 was to sell a container full of trampolines during the summer. At Riitta’s farewell ceremony her retired jersey is pulled into the rafters of Acon’s building as Jean Sibelius’s Finlandia is played and all the other employees give her a standing ovation.


2016-2017 - The thrill of going viral

Something incredible happens. A few YouTubers and Instagrammers find out that the best tricks are made with Acon’s trampolines, and soon a quad backflip is pulled off the first time ever (do not try this at home!). The videos get millions of viewers around the world in a short time. Shortly after, the Acon Team is established.