It’s a big decision to add a trampoline to your backyard. Luckily, there are many ways to add one to your happy place, without compromising on the backyard look and feel. You might find renewed inspiration to work on your garden, while finding novel ways to minimize the impact on its look and space. It’s time to have some fun: we’ve identified 5 ways you can get creative when you add a trampoline!

Before You Begin - Landscaping 101

A trampoline means you and your family get to enjoy spending even more time outdoors. Just imagine long summer evenings spent away from screens, surrounded by loved ones while keeping active or relaxing under moon and starlight. Before purchasing, it’s important to take into account some practical points about your landscape decoration, but never fear, we’re here to make sure you consider everything.

A boy lying on Acon 16 Sport HD trampoline in a backyard, seen above


If you haven’t already, take measurements. ACON’s range of trampolines, together with the specs in inches, can be found on our individual product pages. Once you’ve decided where you’d like the trampoline to go in your garden, make sure to measure the area, to avoid any surprises later on! Don’t forget: your trampoline needs 3ft of free space on each side. Have your measuring tape ready, add that 3ft to the trampoline measurements on each side, and plan accordingly.


Something that you’ll find in most, but not all, backyards: grass! Consider if your grassy area is your preferred spot, or if you’d like to put your trampoline in an somewhere with a different surface. When choosing a surface other than the grass, examine that the material in the area is firm and flat enough to hold the trampoline. An artificial grass mat can provide cushioning, while giving the grass landscaping look that you like.


Think about the trees in your backyard. After taking your measurements and accounting for the important 3 ft of space either side, given the bounce from a trampoline, you may find low hanging branches within this area. Make sure to prune any trees or shrubs close to where you’d like to place your trampoline, to ensure the safest jumping zone for your kids. Better yet, plan to position the trampoline a short distance away from them.


As you focus on how to best landscape your backyard, maximizing space for the new trampoline: think about positioning. Where you can keep an eye on things when your little ones are jumping? Placing your trampoline within eyeshot of the patio and/or windows will give peace of mind, while your kids enjoy the fun of jumping.

Base Material

Solid, flat ground is needed to ensure your trampoline safety. If the grassy area of your backyard is not your chosen trampoline space and you’d like something appealing to the eye you can landscape your backyard with organic materials like sand or wood chips. These materials offer a clean aesthetic and a soft landing. Alternatively, artificial grass is a low-maintenance option. Also note: you cannot place anything else underneath the trampoline.

Five Fun, DIY Trampoline Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas, why not check out Acon’s metaverse where you can get inspired by virtual representations of our products here. Navigate Acon village, taking a peek at houses and the sleek Acon trampolines found in backyards, while jumping between locations. Use the map to explore and access information about the products you see. Then once your trampoline arrives, it’s time to make your virtual vision into a reality!

1. Lights, Lights, Lights

Lights aren’t just for the festive holiday season. Adding them to the area surrounding your trampoline can create a glow that provides atmosphere, giving an enchanted feel to your garden. When it comes to deciding the best lights for DIY trampoline illumination, solar-powered LED string lights are a no-brainer. Powered by the sun and energy efficient, there’s no need for unsightly or energy-draining power adapters. They automatically turn on and off with the daylight.

Light decorated trampoline in a backyard

2. Curved Edges

The curved, softer edges of a trampoline like the ACON Air 15ft fit an elegant yard design. Consider giving your backyard rounded features or decking. The stylish trampoline design will complement any existing round pools, flower beds or curved features in your garden. Similarly, rectangular pools and garden features will make a nice accent when aligned to the location of, for example, an ACON Air 13 Sport HD Performance Rectangular Trampoline.

Detail of a round Acon trampoline's Premium enclosure

3. Plant Perfect

Plants and shrubs can be grown at a safe distance to the trampoline area, so it blends in better with the natural surrounds. They have the added benefit of providing some privacy from neighbors. You can form a slightly separate section in the garden that borders your soft play/kids play area. The shrubs will provide a wind break, while fixtures like a garden trellis entrance with climbing plants can create a “secret garden” feel, for a new garden within a garden effect.

Acon 10ft trampoline with net in the garden

4. Playful Pathways

Pathways that lead to your trampoline can form winding, meandering route between garden areas. A DIY pathway can consist of some well-placed, large simple stones in the grass, or smaller, loose stones guiding the way to the trampoline. Cobblestones can create a walkway from a pool or decking area to play sections with outdoor seating stops, leading to the trampoline and any adjoining slides, swings or sandboxes.

Family playing in the garden, girl jumping on a trampoline, boy running towards an airtrack

5. Night-time Teepee

Collect your favorite blankets, pillows, cushions and cozies. Decorate by hanging sheets and fairy lights from your trampoline to create a tented, fort effect, where you can gather round for a fun backyard, trampoline sleepover. Fill your trampoline with comfy duvets and read stories with a torch light or play board games, for a throwback to simpler times that your whole family can enjoy. Make memories and enjoy the ambiance of a trampoline teepee! For more ideas like this, check out our Trampoline Sleepover Ideas.

Girls wearing headlamps reading in a tent

Function & Design: Acon’s Layout and Landscape-Friendly Trampolines

Create a backyard both kids and adults want to spend time in, with inspiring landscaping ideas for your trampoline. Acon’s trampolines aren’t just one of the best choices you can make for bounce: the carefully considered, landscape-friendly design means your backyard will benefit from their form and function. You don’t have to settle on style when you add one of our trampolines to your yard landscape.

Would you like some guidance to find the best trampoline option for your family? Our tool can help you Find Your Perfect Trampoline. If you prefer to explore our range of products, you can Shop Trampolines.