Trampolining is great fun and a fantastic way to get fit and healthy. But if you really want to get all the benefits from your routine and impress your friends, learning how to do a backflip is just the ticket.

Our trampoline trick master Markku Keski-Oja (@marqflips) is here to show how to do the backflip on a trampoline. Withhispracticaltips, you can be sure to master the backflip in no time!

Master the pullover on a trampoline first

Flipping backwards is not for the faint-hearted; it’s not an easy movement to master. So, before you start practicing those backflips, learn to do the Pullover on a trampoline first. Knowing how to do this trick will help you greatly when you finally start practicing those flips.

Watch the video to learn how to do the pullover on a trampoline:

Pullover tutorial - placeholder image.

Watch the video

Steps to learning how to do a backfilp

There are several elements to learning how to do a backflip: the height of your jump, positioning, landing safely, confidence, patience and practice. So, if you’re ready, let’s take you through the steps to mastering the art of flipping backwards.

The video tutorial can be found below (after the steps).

Step 1 - Jump on your back

If you know how to do the Pullover, then you should know how to do this step. You can start with smaller bounces and slowly increase the height of the jump. Looking up while falling down will give you a confidence boost.

Step 2 - Jump tucked on your back

Do the same thing as on step 1, but this time do it with a tuck. In other words, while jumping on your back, grab your legs in the air. Keep praticing for at least 20 minutes and use your arms as they’ll help with rotation.

Step 3 - Do Pullovers

Pullovers (the trick introduced before) have a similar feeling to how backflip on a trampoline feels.

Step 4 - Do a backflip

Once you feel confident to advance from pullovers, it is time to, as they say, just do it. As Markku suggests in the tutorial video, it is a good idea to utilize a mat so that it feels less scary. A perfect option for that is our small crash mat designed for trampoline tricking. However, you can also practice the backflip without the mat, too. Focus on doing the flip rather than landing perfectly during this step.

The most important thing when doing a backflip is that you cannot hesitate mid-air to avoid hurting yourself. Once you decide to do it, go for it 100%.

Step 5 - Nail the landing

Once you can do the backflip, keep practicing the landing. And that’s it – you've done it!

Backflip tutorial - placeholder image

Watch the video

How to do a backflip - top tips & other tricks

Practising trampoline tricks takes time. Enjoy the process and don’t feel discouraged if you are not able to master the trampoline backflip immediately. If you have a friend who already knows how to do the trick, it is always a good idea to have them to support and guide you.

Besides the pullover and backflip, the possibilities are endless when it comes to learning tricks on ACON trampoline. Watch our tutorials on Ballout, Double Flips, Kaboom, and many more tricks on our YouTube Channel.

At ACON, we supply various trampoline sizes, particularly those suitable for mastering the backflip and other tricks. If you are into gymnastics or have the desire to learn tricks and jumps on the ground, you may be interested in learning more about the variety of Airtracks and additional gymnastics equipment for kids and adults that we provide.