One of the many roles parents find themselves in is that of full-time concierges. Keeping your kids entertained can require quite a degree of creativity, especially when it comes to backyard birthday parties.

However, with an ACON trampoline, you can bring a whole new dimension to backyard birthday parties since it can act as a centerpiece for your party. Adding trampoline accessories will make the event even more exciting. Also, when adding trampoline accessories to it, it is important to keep in mind that the safety enclosure or other aspects of the assembly instructions should not be altered. Safety must always be the number one priority. Here are tips on how to enhance the centerpiece of the party with these trampoline accessories.

How to Decorate Your trampoline?

Trampoline party decorations

Tying colored streamers to the trampoline’s enclosure or around the outer edge can give it a fun party look. If you have a party in the evening, then some colored lighting can help it look good.

If you have a theme for your party, you can get creative with the trampoline accessories. Decorate and transform it into a circus tent, princess castle or space rocket with the right covers, helping to ramp up the imagination.

Balloons Add Color 

Trampoline party balloons

An enclosure isn’t just a great safety feature, it facilitates fun too. You can fill the surface up with balloons, transforming it into a bounce to add fun and excitement. Kids can plunge into the mountain of balloons and feel safe doing so.

Lots of different colored balloons will give the trampoline a colorful and playful look too.

Chalk Is a Creative Way to Decorate

Trampoline party chalk

Most kids love drawing. When shopping for trampoline accessories, it rarely comes to mind to get chalk for the party. The great thing about a black surface is that it can act as a blank canvas. Kids can draw pictures with chalk or draw a hopscotch grid to bring a bouncy element to a favorite playground game. You could also write out numbers and letters and play games to help younger children with literacy and numeracy.

Chalk is great because it washes off easily, so there’s no lasting damage to the surface.

Bouncing Pinata Ups the Stakes

Trampoline party pinata

Few birthday parties would be complete without a crowd of kids beating a hanging pinata into submission and then feasting on the candy bounty within. Of course, whacking a pinata isn’t always as easy as it looks, and you could bring an extra dimension of difficulty and fun by hanging the pinata over the trampoline in your backyard.

Players will need to perfect their bouncing and hitting skills to coordinate them to get the maximum power. Of course, the more confident bouncers can pull out some neat tricks while inflicting punishment on the pinata.

Water Fights on a Hot Summer Day

Trampoline party water balloons

If you are lucky to be holding a backyard party in the baking hot sun, you’re going to want to cool down. While getting regular balloons you probably were planning to purchase anyway, you may as well include water balloons to your trampoline accessories shopping list. Introduce an element of fun to cool down with a couple of super soakers.

Water fights are great fun at the best of times but introducing the possibility of losing your balance once you get blasted, and it becomes a hilarious way to cool down and keep the fun going.

Having Fun and Staying Safe

Since all ACON products come with the highest-standard safety features, you can rest assured that you are keeping safety firmly in mind while having a thrilling backyard party for your little ones.

Note that if the trampoline accessories require using electricity near the trampoline, make sure there is no water involved. Keep naked flames away (save the candles on the birthday cake for the party table) and always make sure a responsible adult supervises the children.

Your Bouncing Bash

With a bit of planning and imagination, you can have a memorable backyard party with your ACON trampoline that will create treasured memories for years to come. Share your incredible party decorations with us on Instagram by tagging us @aconofficial and using our hashtag #beathrillseeker! We love to see your creativity and celebrate it by sharing your awesome pictures on our Instagram!

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