Much has been said and written about the importance of a strong core. Your body’s core, which is often referred to as your abs, is the center of your body that protects your pelvic and abdominal organs. It also gives you stability to stand up and move your limbs, spine and pelvis freely.

There are several major muscles that are part of your core. These include the diaphragm, which is your breathing muscle, your front abs (rectus abdominis) and side abs (obliques), your spine muscles (quadratus lumborum, multifidus and erector spinae), your pelvic floor muscles and the muscles that protect and support your organs.

So, you can see why it’s important that the stronger your core muscles, the better. To strengthen and improve them, we’ve got six excellent trampoline exercises for core muscles that you will love.

Core exercise program for trampoline

Trampoline exercises are a great alternative to other core strength building workouts, plus it’s great fun! Creating a core exercise program for trampoline that incorporates strength-building elements is a must if you want to have a strong core. Try out these trampoline exercises for core own its own or add them to your current workout routine!

Air bike

Air bike crunches are a simple trampoline exercise for core and a great one to start off your core exercise program.

Lay on your back on the rebounder, keeping it straight, with knees bent and your feet flat. Bring your arms up and put your hands either side of your head. Lift your shoulders then rotate your body from your waist to one side at the same time as bringing up the opposite knee to meet your elbow. Repeat on the other side and feel your core muscles being crunched and stretched.

Watch the Air Bike video tutorial below:

Air bike crunches on a fitness trampoline - video still image.

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Jump and tuck

The jump and tuck trampoline exercise for core is also known as ‘knees to chest’ and is very effective in toning your abdominal muscles. Stand on the rebounder with your feet shoulder width apart and then lower your body into a ¾ squat position. Bring your arms forward at shoulder height, jump and pull your knees up towards your chest at the same time – it will certainly get your heart rate up!

Although this exercise can be done without a handlebar, if you’re just starting with trampoline exercises it’s a good idea to use a handlebar for extra support and power.

Watch how one of the most effective trampoline exercises for core is done correctly:

Knees to Chest Jump on a fitness rebounder - video still image.

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The plank is a great trampoline exercise for core muscles and can be done with your elbows resting on the side of the trampoline, or reversed, i.e., resting your feet on the side. ACON’s rebounders have sturdy, heavy duty frames that are more than capable of supporting you in plank positions.

Stretch your legs out behind you with your toes tucked under, assuming a push-up position. Bring your shoulder blades towards each other, engage your core muscles and keep your back straight. Hold that position for 10-15 seconds to start with, aiming to reach at least a minute the stronger you get.

See how it’s done on a rebounder!

A woman planking on a fitness rebounder - video still image.

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Another good trampoline exercise for core muscles is crunches. Lay flat on the rebounder, bend your knees and put your feet flat down hip width apart.

Either put your hands either side of your head or rest your arms across your chest, whichever feels more comfortable. Make sure your head and neck are relaxed; lift your upper body towards your bent knees while breathing out. Hold for a few seconds then breath out and slowly return to your start position.

Ab crunches exercise - video still image.

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If you really want strong abs, then this trampoline exercise for core is perfect! Lay on your back on the rebounder. Stretch your arms out above your head and your legs out in front of you. Simultaneously lift your body and arms towards each other, creating a V, hold for a few seconds and then slowly lower yourself back to your starting position.

This is a hard exercise so, if you’re just starting out on your core exercise program, just start with the leg raises until your core and balance out on your core exercise program, just start with the leg raises until your core and balance is strong enough to combine leg raises with bringing your body forwards as well. You can also try to make leg raises move easier by holding to the edge of the trampoline. This should give you enough support in your upper body to do the leg raises.

Watch the video tutorial for this rebounder core exercise and try it out!

Jack Knife Crunch on a fitness rebounder - video still image.

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Twists may look a relatively easy exercise, but it really does work your core. Have your arms bent at the elbows and while keeping your body facing forwards, jump up – not too high, about 10cm off the rebounder is fine – and at the same time rotate your feet right. When you land, immediately jump up and rotate your feet to the left. Repeat for 10-15 jumps for the best results.

While jumping, use either a handlebar until you have developed better strength and balance.

It’s time to twist (again)!

Twisting on a rebounder - video still image.

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Why do core exercises on a trampoline?

Focusing on building core muscles isn’t always peoples’ favorite exercise but using a fitness trampoline as part of your core exercise program, it’s more fun and easier. Because of the rebounder’s bounce and flexibility, you’ve got the extra challenge of maintaining your balance, further working your core muscles.

Working out on a trampoline helps your core, but a greater benefit is that you can work your core exercise program into other fitness routines, fitting them in at the beginning, during or after an aerobic trampoline workout. In addition, your pelvic floor muscles get a workout whenever you are using a rebounder.

Get that strong core together with ACON

Trampoline exercises for core aren’t about building rippling abs. It’s about strengthening your back core muscles to protect your spine and internal organs, as well as developing balance and stability to enable you to keep fit and healthy.

ACON have a superb range of round and hexagonal fitness trampolines that are perfect for building core strength. The ACON FIT 44in and 55in rebounders have a sturdy, strong frame and stretchy bungee cord spring system. As well as being ideal for workouts indoors or outdoors, the ACON FIT rebounders are a great way to keep fit, build your core muscles and protect your joints at the same time. Add a handlebar for extra support and get our resistance bands to have a fitness equipment suitable for multiple purposes!