Trampolining is great, right? But is your workout routine getting a bit monotonous, or maybe you’re feeling ambitious and want to try something different? You need a scooter to up your game, add aerobatics to your exercising, or just to impress your friends! With a little bit of help from ACON and the super-fun INDO Brothers, you’ll be showing off your amazing jumps, twists and tricks to friends and family at a trampoline sleepover in no time.

ACON’s INDO trampoline scooter is lightweight and has a t-shaped handlebar that is designed to aid your aerobatic displays. We’ve ensured it is totally safe to use on our trampolines, and its patented full foam deck means you will have a soft landing every time.

But learning new tricks and routines is not as easy as you think, so we’re lending you a helping hand with our top tips to mastering fabulous tricks.

What is a trampoline scooter?

It is essentially a standard scooter without wheels, which can be used on flat or bouncy surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Tricks on a hard surface are known as flat tricks but using them on a trampoline gives you more height and elevation.

The t-shaped handlebar swivels so that you can turn the base with your feet, either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on which direction you wish to go. There are scooters available for kids – they have shorter handlebars and a smaller cushioned base – as well as ones for older children and adults to use.

Flat tricks for beginners

If you’re just starting out, our first top tip is to learn to master the basic tricks on a flat, stable surface before venturing onto a trampoline. And once you decide to do that, you may want to consider doing so on a trampoline with trampoline enclosure.

Our next top tip is learning how to fall safely and practicing this on a soft, forgiving surface will make for an easier landing. Always make sure you push the scooter away from you, let your body become loose and flexible, as well as keeping your knees and elbows slightly bent.

Here are five tricks for beginners to master

Trampoline scooter trick The X-up

The X-up

You’ve probably attempted this trick before but this time, it’s without wheels. With both hands on the handlebars, jump up from the ground, and while in the air, twist the handlebars through 180° and back again before coming back down to the ground. The key is the speed at which you twist the handlebars, and, of course, you have more time when bouncing.

Trampoline scooter trick The barspin

The barspin

The next step from up an X-up is the barspin, which is spinning the handlebars. First, stand on the scooter and practice spinning the bars through your hands, 360°. Once you’ve mastered that, spin the bars and jump at the same time.

Trampoline scooter trick The no-footer

The no-footer

This one is self-explanatory; as you jump up, bend your knees and bring your feet up off the base, then put them back down before you land.

Trampoline Scooter trick The lay back one-hander

The lay back one-hander

This trick starts to add a bit of style to your repertoire. Like the no-footer, the aim is to take one or even both hands off the bars mid-air. Once you’ve got that down to an art, you can lay back your free arm, leaning slightly backwards.

Trampoline scooter trick The tail whip

The tail whip

Finally it is the tail whip. Probably the one trick kids want to learn the most as it can form the basis of many other tricks. The idea is to spin the base with your foot in mid-air, rotating it 360°, putting both feet back on the base before landing.

As with any trampolining activity, always make sure a safety net or enclosure and there are no foreign objects on the trampoline, and that someone is there with you. Remember, the key to learning anything new, including tricks, is to keep practicing!

Why use a trampoline scooter?

Bouncing is a great way to have fun and keep fit; adding a scooter just elevates the adrenaline rush even more. As well as improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle development, it significantly increases coordination, balance and stamina. Kids are often braver than adults, but even if they aren’t, learning tricks boosts their confidence and self-belief.

For more classic tricks, have a peek on our recent blog post on how to do the backflip. And all thrill-seekers out there, get yourself an ACON INDO scooter today and start learning new and exciting tricks!

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