Want to get the kids off their chairs and away from their computer games this summer? We’ve got just the thing! Gymnastics equipment; don’t stop reading! Gymnastics has so many benefits for kids; in fact, for people of all ages and abilities.

But before you jump in and spend your money on gymnastics equipment for kids, we’ve got three great tips to help you not only find out what is available, but what you also need to keep in mind before you buy.

Our tips for kids’ gymnastics equipment

Not only does gymnastics improve strength and balance, but it also boosts health and wellbeing, develops motor skills and flexibility, and can make a positive impact on concentration and discipline. Now who doesn’t want that for their kids?

Gymnastics has grown in popularity over the past few years, led by iconic gymnasts worldwide – Simone Biles, Alicia Sacramone, Shannon Miller and Nastia Liukin – who have inspired the younger generation (and the elder!) to have a go and get involved.

Practicing the art of gymnastics is highly accessible for beginners and the more experienced athletes and at Acon we’ve got a range of gymnastics equipment for kids that can be used by anyone, of any ability and age. So, what are our three top tips?

A gymnast girl standing on the Acon airspot

Tip 1 – Can it be used by amateurs and professionals?

Gymnastics equipment for kids needn’t be that expensive and shouldn’t be either. That said, the more experienced you and your kids become with your gymnastic moves, you will probably find you’ll be investing in more equipment later – improving their skills may not be a goal to start with but once they get going, they’ll love the challenge! In addition, you don’t necessarily need any earlier experience to be able to use them effectively either.

However, you need to make sure that the equipment you buy provides good support and is top quality, i.e., professional gymnasts can use it for their training and competitions. We believe in the best quality and performance so you can rest assured that our gymnastics equipment for kids is excellent and will last a long time.

Tip 2 – Get gymnastics equipment that’s fun for the whole family

The second tip is to find equipment for gymnasts that can be used by anyone, no matter their skill level. One of the best aspects of gymnastics equipment for kids is that it can be used by anyone, older ‘kids’ included!

A son and father playing in the backyard on Acon airblock and airtrack

All of our gymnastics equipment can be used indoors and outdoors, giving you great choice and flexibility. Not only that, our airtrack mats can be used for a variety of other activities, such as a soft play area for toddlers, yoga or meditation mats, warming up and cooling down stretches, or why not learn how to do somersaults on an airtrack mat. Oh, and one more use we’ve just got to tell you about; you can put them in water so, if you or a friend has a pool, tuck it under your arm and get ready to have a lot of water fun!

Tip 3 – Keep safety in mind always

Our third tip: think safety first. Gymnastics equipment for kids should come from a reputable supplier you can trust with excellent reviews.

Make sure the equipment has been designed specifically for gymnastics, or tricking, that it has been thoroughly tested and is of a high quality. The reason for this is that the better the equipment and the more suitable they are for their use, the easier it is to learn how to accomplish both simple and more technical moves.

A gymnast girl doing a backflip on the Acon airroll

For example; our Airrolls have been designed specifically for gymnastics and tricking use. This ensures that kids will be learning how to do front and backflips correctly, preventing the possibility of any injuries. Another is our quality Airtrack mats which have a line down the middle to guide leapers when learning and practicing a variety of gymnastics moves; from the simple to the more complex.

Acon’s gymnastics equipment for kids

Now we’ve given you our top three tips to consider when buying gymnastics equipment for kids, let’s look at some specific examples of gymnastics equipment for kids. All of our equipment has been thoughtfully designed for use for gymnasts of any ability, from beginners to experts.


Our airtrack tumbling mats are an excellent starting point for gymnastics. They are air-filled, which means they are completely safe for practicing gym moves, jumps and tricks. Start with a small track for simple routines or level up to cover an entire room. Sizes range from 10ft x 40” up to larger mats in sizes of 13ft x 13ft, 20ft x 20ft or our giant mats, measuring 26ft and 39ft. If you want to look more into the differences of Airtracks and traditional gymnastics mats, see our blog post on the benefits of a gymnastics mat.

Acon airtrack 10ft/3m

Airblock and Airspot

Airblock (square) and Airspot (round) pads can be fastened to our airtrack tumbling mats using the Velcro strips to ensure you and your kids learn the right way to perform gymnastics moves and tricks, safely. They are not only air-filled but also thick and provide great bounce properties, plus they can be stacked on top of each other to create greater challenges.

Airblock and airspot

Gymnastics beam

A gymnastics beam is the perfect accompaniment for our airtrack tumbling mats. It's a great way to develop balance, coordination and control. The 10ft Gym beam is designed to develop balance and yoga and the dedicated airbeam is for tricking and gymnastics. But really, that’s just the start – beams can be used for tricks, gymnastics, flips, jumps, yoga, parkour, cheerleading or add to activity courses – and used both inside and outside.

Acon foldable gynastic beam

Gymnastics Trampoline

Our rectangular trampolines provide an unparalleled jumping experience. They’re ideal for learning and practicing tricks, flips, jumps and a wide variety of gymnastics moves. These trampolines give you a perfect, consistent bounce no matter where you jump on the mat. Available in two sizes: the Air 16 Sport HD or its smaller twin, the Air 13 Sport HD. Each can be outfitted with enclosures for greater safety when practicing routines.

Acon Air 16 and 13 Sport HD Trampolines with safety nets


Airrolls are ideal for jumps, gymnastics, balancing and for learning how to do forward and backward flips, and can be taken anywhere. Air-filled (they are easy to empty and fill for transportation and storage), hand-crafted seams, carry handles, carry bag and strong, they give you excellent bounce and support.

They come in two sizes: 35” x 47” and 24” x 47”, as well as a specialty pump, repair kit and two year warranty.

Acon airrolls

Three reasons to get gymnastics equipment for kids

Every parent wants to find safe, fun and engaging activities that kids love. With the right gymnastics equipment for kids, you can create a foundation for years of fun, that can become a focal point of comprehensive growth for your little ones. We hope that this article has given you the right understanding of the equipment. Now, here are a few reminders of the power of gymnastics for kids.

Give your kids a healthy, fun way to move

Whether they start when they’re young or find the spark as a teen, running, jumping and doing acrobatics of any kind become a positive outlet for all their youthful energy. Gymnastics routines can be performed inside, outside or anywhere that gives a safe amount of room and landing zones. Whether they’re breathing in the fresh air from the outdoors or staying focused in the gym, kids experience a fun and exciting challenge that’s a world away from screens or other distractions. The popularity of gymnastics is increasing every day and more and more breakout stars are becoming positive role models for the younger generation to stay active, keep engaged and to use the fun of the sport to grow.

Double picture: Jolly gymnast girl on Acon airroll and a gym step on the Acon gymnastic beam

Start them on a path to progress

Anyone can get into gymnastics, at any age. All you need is your body and some equipment to ensure safe, effective practicing. With every attempt to learn a new trick or to leap a little further, kids are gaining the experience and confidence to keep going. Remember, every journey to a flip or a somersault starts with a simple stretching of the body and mind. Plus, gymnastics meets every child where their ambitions lie. For some kids, it’s about gaining new talents and learning about their abilities. Others discover the competitive aspect of improvement and find it fun to join teams and competitions to explore their passion.

Help them engage their imaginations

No matter how your child gets into gymnastics, don’t forget that for all of the equipment and the physical nature of practicing routines and leveling up, there’s an unseen positive force of helping kids exercise their imagination, too. With every attempt, kids are seeing new ways of exploring movement and they’re immersing themselves in a physical activity where they have to engage their mind along with their body. Whether it’s how to attempt a jump, seeing a new way for an acrobatic move, or thinking how to stick a landing, the fun of gymnastics extends well beyond just the physical.

Water games on a lake with Acon airtracks

Get ready for summer with gymnastics equipment for kids!

Acon’s range of fantastic, well-designed gymnastics equipment is ideal for great family fun, improving your health and well-being, as well as a whole range of other benefits, like building strength, balance, coordination, fitness and motor skills.

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