But don’t panic, we’ve put together a comprehensive and inspirational list of birthday party ideas that you can host at home. From trampoline birthday party ideas for themed parties and for families on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

Trampoline Birthday Party Ideas for Themed Parties

No matter what birthday number you’re celebrating, a themed trampoline birthday party is a great idea. So, if you’ve not got any ideas of your own, check these out.

A 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s (or even later!) theme

Now, which decade you choose really depends on which was your favorite for its music. Not only can you get nostalgic and relive those classic musical youth moments, but you can also get dressed up in the fashion of the decade.

Mexican theme

Get the sombreros out! Mexican-themed parties are so easy to organize; everyone loves tacos so decorate the trampoline and set up a taco bar around it. Guests can go around the trampoline and choose their favorite fillings.

Hawaiian theme

A Hawaiian theme brings plenty of color and sunshine to your party. Think pineapple juices and hula skirts to pineapple cakes and coconuts.

Tik-Tok theme

The latest trend in themed parties, use Tik-Tok’s colors for your decorations and challenge guests to create a video to a trending sound or simply dance on your trampoline to post on the social media platform.

007 theme

Everyone loves Bond, James Bond… and it makes a great theme for a party. Set up a Bond-style obstacle course that includes the trampoline.

Cowboy or Dinosaur theme

This one is for the kids who love dressing up in cowboy or dinosaur costumes. Go the whole way with bales of hay and cowboy hats, shaped cookies and cake; they’ll have a great time!

Fiesta theme

Bring a plethora of bright colors and fun to your birthday party with a fiesta theme. Similar to a Mexican theme, make feeding everyone easy by serving fajitas. Add a little adventure by giving a prize for the best outfit or sombrero.

Hollywood theme

The glitz, the glamor and the red carpet; become a movie star for the day. Set the stage with plush decorations, champagne and hire a photographer to shoot paparazzi style photos of your guests throughout the evening.

Mermaid theme

Dress up as mermaids in your favorite colors! Decorate the birthday party area with mermaid and sea colors, and turn the trampoline into a mermaid pool (without actual water). Don’t forget the Starfish shaped cookies, cake, and drinks that are dyed with the colors of the sea.

Unicorn theme

Unicorn-themed parties are simply magical! This theme is perfect for anyone who loves bright colors and lots of glitter. Imagine an atmosphere where kids can let their imaginations run wild.

Sports theme

This theme is definitely one for sports lovers. Use a general sports idea or focus on the birthday person’s favorite sport. Challenge guests to get sporty by playing games on your trampoline, like Follow My Leader.

Ice cream theme

Thinking of exciting ways to celebrate your kid's birthday? Execute an ice cream-themed party! Set up an ice cream bar and let children create their own yummy cold desserts. Don’t forget to get enough of various flavors, sprinkles, whipped cream, and various sauces.

Trampoline Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

A happy, face-painted child.

Kids love a party and they love dressing up so, the combination of the two is perfect for a birthday party. We’ve mentioned a few trampoline birthday party ideas for kids above, but here are some more that involve themed activities to keep them occupied.

Art theme

This party theme can be indoors or outdoors but if indoors, it’sa good idea to cover your carpets/floors in case of accidents. Set up several easels, art paper, paints, crayons and pencils. Think of a few different competitions – best landscape, best portrait – and have some prizes ready. The kids can then take their artwork home.

Avengers theme

The Avengers are all the rage at the moment and kids can’t get enough of them. Not only will the kids love dressing up as their favorite Avenger (run a competition for the best costume), but they’ll also love showing off their ‘special powers.’

Bowling theme

You can run a bowling party theme indoors or outdoors, but we would recommend outdoors. You can create a bowling alley and use balls that aren’t quite so heavy for the kids. Prizes for the winners and desserts on the trampoline mat.

Crafting theme

Similar to the art theme, set up crafting tables and supply all the paints, pencils, and rulers. Ask each participant to go on to the trampoline to mimic a word or theme. Others need to guess what the word is and draw or craft it. They can take their efforts home, too, to show mom and dad.

Face painting theme

This is a great theme that allows you to create valuable memories together with your family. The kids will love choosing what they want to be – a tiger, cat, or something else out of their imagination. It’s time to get creative! 

Magic theme

What’s more thrilling than magic tricks? Well, maybe trampolines. Anyway, the magic theme is perfect in case your little ones are into tricks. Learn a few simple magic skills yourself and teach each kid a trick to do. Then, each participant can perform a trick and the others can be the spectators. 

Science theme

It's time to learn! Create a science-themed trampoline birthday party to inspire the little ones to learn and explore the world of wonders! Set up interactive, yet safe science experiments and allow kids to try those themselves. Remember lab coats and safety goggles!

Spa theme

This theme is more aligned to teenagers who will have reached the age of enjoying spas and beauty therapy. Set up the trampoline as the beauty parlor complete with pink fluffy cushions, and offer manicures, pedicures and hair styling.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic theme

This one is for the younger kids (or any that still has their teddy bear!). Set up the trampoline as a picnic location and invite kids to bring their favorite teddy bear with them.

Pyjama/Slumber theme

A pyjama or slumber-themed birthday party is one for kids of any age. Combine it with a sleepover on a trampoline. See more trampoline sleepover ideas in our previous blog article.

Trampoline Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

A hand holding a chocolate frosted birthday cake with candles.

When budgets are tight but you want to give the kids the best birthday party or throw a birthday party for yourself or family member, it can be tough. But we’ve got some great budget-friendly birthday party ideas and tips for you.

Set your budget

Before you start organizing a party, set your budget and stick to it.

Ask friends and family to help with food

If you’re party time is over an eating period, such as lunchtime or the evening, you will need to provide food. But rather than heading to the supermarket and buying foodor hiring a caterer, get friends and family involved. One dish or finger food item from five or six people, plus your culinary additions, and you’ve got food covered.

Keep hydrated while jumping

While jumping on a trampoline is fun, it can also be exhausting if you don’t remember to take breaks and drink occasionally. As you are likely to be active all day, various beverages for both kids and adults. Soft drinks, juices, and water are great options.

Decorations DIY style

You can save plenty of dollars on decorations by making them yourself. Look around your home and we bet you’ll find paper, wrapping paper, balloons, and a whole load of other things you can paint, color and use to make streamers, table covers, lanterns, cutout shapes and more to impress your guests.

Bake your own birthday cake

Buying a birthday cake is expensive but having a birthday party without a cake just isn’t a party. So, have a go at baking your own birthday cake. If this doesn’t appeal to you, buy some cupcakes, decorate them with icing (you can buy ready-to-use icing in different colors), and then create a show-off masterpiece with them, like a pyramid. Or, even better, you can simply make the base and allow kids to decorate the cupcakes themselves!

Design and print your own birthday party celebration invites

If you’ve got a printer, you can design and print your own invites. With great design platformsout there which have free to use templates, such as Canva, you’ll have a design done in no time. Then you can either download and print them or save even more money and send them via email.

Invite closest friends and family

If you don't want to, you don’t have to invite the whole neighborhood to your party, or the whole school to your kid’s birthday party. Creating memorable moments is the best with closest friends and family. 

Pick a theme that matches decorations you already have

If you’ve already got party decorations at home, choose a birthday party theme that matches them. A theme doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, but it will ensure your party stands out. You can also match the theme with the decorations, beverages, food, birthday outfits and the music.

Host at home

While it’s less work to host a birthday party at home, it will save you lots of dollars! The only drawback is the cleaning up afterwards, but the memories will be worth it.

Be crafty

Bring out your creative side by making your own party theme outfits. Buy plain white paper cups, plates and even paper table covers, and decorate them yourself with your party theme and colors. Not only will it be really satisfying, but you’llbe also saving money and they’lllook great!

Shop savvy

If you do have to do some shopping for the birthday party, head out to a dollar store. You’ll be amazed at what you can find for a fraction of the price charged in party stores.

Creative entertainment

Choose entertainment that you can do yourself, such as DJing, or see if any of your friends and family have some hidden talents.

Trampoline Birthday Party Costs

Two girls on a rectangular trampoline playing with birthday balloons.

You might be put off having a birthday party because of the costs, but you really can save dollars by shopping around and doing a lot of the work yourself. Let’s give you some examples.

Birthday party invitations

You can spend a fortune on fancy glossy invitations that start from $100 upwards. You can also buy ready-printed invites from a store, which can be anything from $2 and over each. Or you can go online to design your invite and send it via email for absolutely nothing, except your time.

Printable decorations

Birthday party decorations are expensive but you can actually find printable decorations online. Pinterest is the place to go where you’ll find some great birthday party decorations that you can download and print out. 

Hosting at home

Hosting your birthday party at home may cost you time and effort, but it will save you plenty of dollars.

Avoid parties at meal times

It’s much easier to provide finger food rather than a full sit-down meal. So opt for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon party, or for the adults, a bit later in the evening so your guests can eat a meal before they arrive.

Host the best birthday party

Hosting a birthday party, especially on a budget, can be daunting but we hope our birthday party ideas and tips have inspired you to plan the best party yet.