Christmas is just a matter of weeks away – exciting! Amongst all the fun of putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, organizing the Christmas dinner and planning who’s going to sit where – what a dilemma that can be – there’s shopping for Christmas presents.

Trying to find the best Christmas gifts for families 2022 can be a nightmare, particularly if you’re buying for people that have got everything they want. But it can be done and in this article, we’re going to share with you the best Christmas gifts suitable for:

So, get a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat and get ready to find out our list of best family Christmas gifts 2022.

Rather than buying individual presents for a family, why not buy a Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy? An ACON trampoline will provide loads of fun throughout the year for everyone in the family (and friends!) and has the added benefit of keeping everyone active. Below are our three best recommendations for a Christmas gift the entire family will love.

Christmas tree and gift packages in a livingroom

The ACON 16 HD Trampoline package

We’re starting with our flagship – the ACON 16 HD rectangle trampoline with safety net. This iconic trampoline gives the best bounce in the industry and is the ultimate choice for a family Christmas gift.

With such a fantastic bounce, not only is there incredible air, but bouncers will also have the safest of landings. A great benefit of the ACON 16 HD trampoline package is that it is safe for the whole family, from small kids all the way up to the grandparents.

Its premium bounce is ideal for starters, more experienced leapers and tricksters who love to flip, tumble and try out more advanced tricks. Loved by families from far and wide, our flagship trampoline has received hundreds of 5-star reviews.

ACON 16 HD Trampoline with net on a white background

Round 15ft Trampolines with Net

If you’d rather opt for a round trampoline, you won’t go wrong with our superb round 15ft trampoline with net. In fact, it’s our biggest ACON round trampoline and a great option for larger families.

There is a choice of a 15ft round trampoline package with a standard enclosure, or why not upgrade to one with a premium enclosure? With a large bounce area and more air time from our new X-series springs, this is a great choice as long as yard size is not a problem.

Two ACON 15ft trampolines with net on a white background. The left trampoline is assembled with a premium enclosure that is assembled inside the springs. The right trampoline has a standard enclosure

6ft Trampoline for Indoor Fun

If you’re looking for a trampoline that is smaller and can be used indoors by everyone in the family, our 6ft ACON Air is the ideal choice. Despite their smaller size, bouncers still get the best bounce experience and lots of air.

Better known as our Baby ACON, it has multiple uses. It can be used indoors (make sure you have plenty of space around the trampoline and head room) or outdoors and is easily portable. This is a great, more affordable option as a family Christmas gift and it is ideal for beginners.

Small 6ft trampoline by ACON on a white background

Instead of going for the more traditional toys as Christmas gifts for small kids, why not think a bit more laterally and opt for one of our trampolines? You can guarantee that it won’t be put away in the cupboard after it’s been played with once. It will stand the test of time and provide endless enjoyment throughout Christmas and beyond.

A little girl peaking from a trampoline safety net's doorway

Small but mighty: the 10ft Trampoline with Net

If the children are only just starting out on their trampoline journey, our small but mighty 10ft ACON Air trampoline is the ideal choice. Our package comes with a standard safety enclosure net, a sturdy ladder for safe and easy entry, the best bounce in the industry, our new X-series springs for greater air and the best high-quality safety features.

Ideal for small yards – make sure you’ve got 3ft of space around the trampoline – you really can’t go wrong with this trampoline as a Christmas gift for small kids.

ACON 10ft round trampoline with net that is suitable for small kids and beginners in trampolining on a white background

ACON 12ft Trampoline with Net

If there’s a bit more space in the yard, why not go for a slightly bigger option with our 12ft ACON Air trampoline? You won’t be disappointed! Available with a standard enclosure safety net or a premium enclosure net (it is assembled inside the springs), its smart design belies a family trampoline that delivers the best bounce and maximum air, yet is completely safe.

With thick, soft padding, a robust frame and a superior jumping mat as well as a sturdy ladder for easy entry, our 12ft ACON air trampoline will give small kids the best time over Christmas and years to come.

Two 12ft round trampolines with enclosures on a white background. The left trampoline has premium enclosure installed and the right one has the standard enclosure installed. The premium enclosure goes inside the springs

Get teenagers off the sofa and away from the Xbox with the best Christmas gift for teens. Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way for teenagers to keep active, practice basic tricks and complex jumps, plus have great fun with their friends. We’ve got two options that would make the ideal Christmas gift for teenagers.

Friends standing on an Acon HD rectangular trampoline

Round Trampolines in Sizes 14ft and 15ft

Teenagers need a bit more space and our round trampolines, which are available in 14ft or 15ft sizes, ensure they get the best bounce, great air and plenty of space to try out basic tricks. More advanced teenage bouncers will have lots of room for more complex jumps and twists, too.

Our round trampoline packages are available with either a standard safety enclosure net or a premium enclosure net (the net fits inside the springs for greater safety) and a sturdy ladder for easier entry onto the trampoline. Why not go for the sleek, all-black look and opt for our 14ft round trampoline in black? We bet teenagers will thank you for your choice!

ACON 14ft round trampoline with a net on a white background

Rectangular Trampolines for Tricking Enthusiasts

For teenagers that are bursting with energy and really want to master tricks on a trampoline or even go for more gymnastic moves, then choose one of our rectangular trampolines.

Our flagship 16 HD trampoline has the largest bounce area and is designed for complex trick combinations. Alternatively, if yard space is at a bit of a premium, opt for our 13 HD trampoline. You still get the best bounce and great air thanks to our new X-series springs, but in a slightly smaller bounce area. Additionally, 13 HD also has the adjustable spring system which gives the leapers a bit more choice and variety when it comes to how the bounce feels.

In fact, our flagship trampolines are loved by gymnasts of all levels, including professionals. Our packages include a high-quality safety enclosure net and also a sturdy ladder for ease of entry. If teenagers want the ultimate bouncing experience, upgrade to our Performance springs.

ACON rectangular trampoline with enclosure in two sizes. The 13 HD with enclosure is on the left and the 16 HD is on the right

It’s proven that working out on a trampoline is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy, for all the family! But we also have a range of other best Christmas gifts for fit families. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, don’t despair; we’ve got a great choice of gifts.

Woman training on a rebounder in her livingroom

A Fitness Trampoline

Our fitness trampolines, or rebounders, can be used by everyone in a fit family, including small kids. Highly portable, they can be used indoors (make sure you’ve got plenty of space around and above you) or outside on lovely sunny days. However, remember to store it indoors as it's not designed for continuous outdoor use.

Our ACON FIT fitness trampolines are the ideal Christmas gift for fit families and can also be bought with an adjustable handlebar, giving an extra layer of safety.

Two fitness trampolines by ACON with handle bar. The one on left is black and the one on right is white

Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a small, useful yet lovely Christmas gift for fit families, a great alternative to a fitness trampoline is our new yoga mat.

Our fabulous new product is made from completely recyclable, environmentally friendly material. It is lightweight and easily portable – just roll it up and tuck it away in its crossbody carrying bag. Its 6ft by 2ft size provides plenty of room for the fit family to practice their favorite yoga poses.

A black on black yoga mat by ACON on a white background. The yoga mat has a black center line and there is an ACON logo in grey 

Resistance Bands

If budgets are an issue, don’t worry because we’ve got the perfect budget-friendly Christmas gift for fit families. Our high-quality ACON resistance bands are great for use on their own or combined with other workout items, like our yoga mat or our fitness trampolines.

Choose our set of three with varying resistances – strong (black), medium (blue) and light (grey) – which come with their own handy drawstring bag to keep them safe between workouts. Alternatively, opt for our resistance band with handles to really challenge the fit family this Christmas.

ACON resistance bands in two types. There is one resistance band with handles and three regular resistance bands in three strengths – light, medium and hard

Got a budding gymnast in the family and searching for the ideal Christmas gift for them? We’ve got just the ticket with our choice of products for gymnasts at all levels. Whether they are just starting out and learning the ropes or they are experienced gymnasts, take a look at our Christmas gift recommendations.

2 gymnast girls training on Acon balance beams

10ft Airtrack

Our 10ft Airtrack is the classic choice in gymnastic mats. Being air-filled, it is one of the safest gymnastic tumbling mats on the market. Being 40 inches wide, gymnasts of all levels have plenty of room to practice tumbles, flips, tricks and jumps, yoga and parkour. It is also ideal for kids to play on.

Made with highly durable material and carrying handles on the long side making it easily portable, you won’t go wrong with our ACON Airtrack. Plus, it’s available in limited editions, too.

A 10ft Airtrack designed for gymnastics and tricking. The colors of it are black, grey and white

Balance Beam and Gymnastics Mat Combo

For the more dedicated gymnast that is more into the traditional form of gymnastics, our ACON gymnastics set is the perfect option. Combining a gymnastics mat with extra cushioning and a robust balance beam that secures the mat with strong Velcro, budding gymnasts can learn to walk the balance beam safely!

ACON gymnastics set Black Edition on a white background. The set includes a gymnastics balance beam and a mat

Foldable Crash Mat

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a fit family that includes a daredevil trickster, you’re going to need to choose something that meets their needs. Let’s introduce you to our ACON foldable crash mat, perfect for those high-performance landings. Two-sided and versatile, it can also be stacked with other crash mats to create a softer landing for tricking and gymnastics.

Crash mat for gymnastics and tricking on a white background. The model is foldable and its colors are black and green

If you already own an ACON trampoline, we don’t need to tell you just how great they are! But did you know you can enhance your trampoline experience by adding a few extras? Plus they make great Christmas gifts for those that already have an ACON trampoline.

2 kids and a dog in an Acon Trampoline tent

Basketball Hoops for Trampoline

Get ready for an unbelievable basketball experience! Our basketball hoops for trampolines will transform your trampoline experience, creating a bouncy basketball court for lots of aerial fun and games. Whether it’s for backyard fun or pro-level competition, our basketball hoops are available in two versions – one for a rectangular trampoline and one for a round trampoline.

However, you will need to either already own an ACON trampoline fitted with a safety enclosure net or get one as the basketball hoop is installed onto an enclosure pole.

Basketball hoops for ACON trampoline. The left one is designed for round trampolines and the right one is for rectangular models

A Small Crash Mat

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone that is into their jumps and tricks or using a basketball hoop, protect them even further by getting them our small ACON crash mat. Its smooth material ensures it slides easily on the trampoline mat and its padding makes sure that every landing is executed with perfection. Lightweight, versatile and robust, it is a great addition to your existing ACON kit.

A small crash mat for gymnastics and tricking on a trampoline

Trampoline Tent

Enjoy camping but don’t fancy a tent on the ground? Then you need one of our awesome trampoline tents. Ideal for those who have an ACON round trampoline and available in 12ft, 14ft or 15ft sizes, our trampoline tent is definitely a hit among the trampoline community. Easy to put up, take down and attach to the edge of your trampoline, it’s great for kids’ stayovers, teenager parties or just an evening with friends and family enjoying a quiet night ‘in.’

A blue trampoline tent by ACON designed for round trampolines

ACON’s Got Christmas Gifts Sorted!

Don’t struggle with finding the best Christmas gifts for families in 2022 when ACON has the widest choice of trampolines, bouncers, gymnastics mats, balance beams, crash mats, tents and more for Christmas that any family will love.

Not sure which type of trampoline or size is right for you and your family? Let us help you work it out through our Find Your Perfect Trampoline quiz.