ACON Gymnastics Set
Mat for gymnastics - included in the ACON Gymnastics Set
Gymnastics Mat folded - ACON Gymnastics Set
A blue Beam for Gymnastics included in ACON Gymnastics Set
Beam for Gymnastics folded - ACON Gymnastics Set

ACON Gymnastics Set



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With our ACON Gymnastics Set, you can safely practice jumps and gymnastricks anywhere! ACON Gymnastics Set includes the ACON Gym Mat and ACON Gym Beam

The ACON Gym Mat is a versatile mat for many uses, such as tricking, yoga, and exercise. Strong velcro in both ends allows for multiple mats to be connected to create an extended padded surface.

The ACON Gym Beam is just like a gymnastics beam, but on the floor! Practice your beam tricks on the ACON Gym Beam without the risk of falling. It is great for improving coordination!

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  • Gym Mat: 3.94' x 8', thickness 1.54"
  • Gym Beam: 7.9' x 3.15" (top 3.94", bottom 5.91")

Package size

  • Gym Mat: 3.97' x 2' x 0.52', 17.6 lb
  • Gym Beam: 4' x 0.57' x 0,59', 6 lb

Product weight

  • Gym Mat: 14.3 lb
  • Gym Beam: 4.9 lb


  • For tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymanstic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activity courses
  • For all ages


Gym Mat: grey
Gym Beam: blue


  • Foldable Gym Mat
  • Foldable Gym Beam


Gym Mat: High density EPE foam Beam: High density EVA foam Outer material strong PVC


2 years

Other info

For indoor and outdoor use

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