ACON Around the World

We're once again going to make history by setting a new world record. We are going to be the first in the world to send a trampoline for a trip around the world. We will pick our ACON Air 1.8 trampoline to the trip. There are a total of eight countries that the trampoline will visit, and the countries will be revealed on our social media channels as the campaign progresses.

ACON Around the World

Why should you follow the campaign?

  1. We are going to pick one lucky winner of an optional trampoline package from our selection among all our followers.
  2. One of the seven persons that will participate in the world record will be winning a ACON Air 1,8 trampoline.

How do you participate?

From each country, a person is selected to receive the ACON Air 1.8 trampoline. The recipient collects it and puts it together at an agreed destination and takes pictures / videos of it there. These photos and videos are shared on ACON's social media channels. The trampoline is then sent to the next country according to our instructions. More detailed instructions will be posted during the selection phase.


Our seventh destination is Australia:


How are the participants picked in the countries?

  1. We will publish the countries on Instagram and on our website.
  2. We will post a survey on Instagram Story and on our website asking people in the country to respond. By answering the survey, you are participating in the competition.
  3. We will select the winner and contact the winner personally.

We are all Thrill Seekers

Thrill seeking does not necessarily mean doing amazing tricks. We all experience different exciting moments in our daily lives. For example, a child's first steps, your first hockey goal or a friend does an incredible trick on a trampoline.

This time around, ACON is going for an exciting trip around the world! Our #aroundtheworld campaign aims to help and inspire children and young people to exercise globally.