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Acon X 17ft Trampoline 

Discover the world’s bounciest, sturdiest, most customizable trampoline ever built. 

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How much does a small trampoline cost?
The price of a small trampoline depends on its quality and the performance. Small Acon trampolines range in price from $250 for a 6ft trampoline to $669 for a 10ft trampoline. (Note that cost of materials may create price fluctuations, and from time to time we offer sales, so the listed price can change.)
How to put a small trampoline together?
The smaller the trampoline, the faster it is to put together. With a small Acon trampoline, start by assembling the sturdy base. Then use the springs to attach the durable jumping mat, and finally attach the safety pads. Find the manual for your Acon trampoline here for complete instructions.
How much weight can a small trampoline hold?
We recommend users check the manufacturer's specs to ensure proper use of any trampoline. While many Acon trampolines have no user weight limit, our smallest Baby Acon's weight limit is 264lbs.
Where can I find a small trampoline?
Acon delivers the best bounce of any trampoline at its size. We offer small trampolines starting at 6ft, as well as 10ft and 12ft models. Our use of Synergy Design ensures that the trampoline’s frame, mat, and springs are working together with every leap. Find them at
How good is an exercise on a small trampoline?
Workouts on a small trampoline can be super impactful. Consider the Acon FIT lineup of trampolines, available in 44” or 55” models. The exercise can improve cardio performance, strengthen core, legs and back and help you develop better balance.
How many jumpers can be on a small trampoline at the same time?
Although most Acon trampolines do not have single user weight limits, Acon safety guidelines recommend that only a single user jumps on the mat of a trampoline at a time.