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Acon X 17ft Trampoline 

Discover the world’s bounciest, sturdiest, most customizable trampoline ever built. 

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How many jumpers can be on a medium trampoline at the same time?
Acon medium sized trampolines have no single user weight limit for jumping. When it comes to activities that aren’t creating immense stretch on the springs (sitting/laying down) small groups can evenly distribute across the trampoline surface for a fun and safe sleepover experience.
How much does a medium trampoline cost?
Medium Acon trampolines range in price from $669 for a 10ft trampoline to $869 for a 12ft trampoline, and $2,299 for our rectangle 13HD. (Note that cost of materials may create price fluctuations, and from time to time we offer sales, so the listed price can change).
How to put a medium trampoline together?
Assembling a medium trampoline depends on your make and model, as round or rectangle trampolines have different instructions. Refer to the manual for your trampoline for the best guide to put it together. Acon has a library of easy-to-follow assembly videos you can watch, too.
How much weight can a medium trampoline hold?
Although most Acon trampolines do not have single user weight limits, Acon safety guidelines recommend that only a single user jumps on the mat of a trampoline at a time.
How to put netting around a medium trampoline?
The best way to put netting around a medium trampoline is to pair it with the manufacturer’s designed enclosure. Acon medium sized round trampolines can be matched with either a standard or premium enclosure, while our 13 HD rectangular model is matched with its one-of-a-kind enclosure.
Where can I find a medium trampoline?
Finnish-designed trampolines by Acon provide the world’s best bounce. The company’s use of Synergy Design ensures that the trampoline’s frame, mat, and springs are working together with every leap. Find them at