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What is the best indoor trampoline?
The best indoor trampoline depends on your needs. Family fun? Functional fitness? Choosing a model like the 6ft Baby Acon gives jumpers plenty of room to leap for fun. While those looking for a workout should check out the Acon FIT lineup of rebounder trampolines.
How much is an indoor trampoline?
The price of an indoor trampoline varies by manufacturer. An Acon 6ft trampoline is around $339 while the Acon FIT lineup of rebounder trampolines is about $379. (Note that cost of materials may create price fluctuations, and from time to time we offer sales, so the listed price can change).
How to exercise with an indoor trampoline?
The best exercise you can get with an indoor trampoline comes from those specially designed with greater resistance than that of a garden trampoline. The Acon FIT lineup of rebounder trampolines is the perfect foundation for a range of exercises from lunges to leaps.
How high do ceilings need to be for indoor trampoline?
Every location and jumper is different. However ASTM F2970 requires 20 feet of clearance from the floor to the lowest obstruction for performance trampolines.
What is the best indoor trampoline for kids?
Kids trampolines should offer great performance and total safety. Consider trampolines that are purpose-built for both. Acon trampolines use premium parts for a smooth, consistent bounce, which helps keep little leapers safe. Acon’s smallest and most kid-friendly model is the 6ft Baby Acon.
What is the best indoor trampoline for adults?
The best trampolines for adults are those purpose-built to deliver smooth, consistent bounces no matter the size of the adult. Acon FIT rebounder trampolines are designed for workouts by fitness instructors and crafted with premium parts to hold up to strenuous workouts.
How to anchor an indoor trampoline?
Trampoline anchors are meant to be buried into the ground, thus they aren’t meant for indoor use. The best alternative is choosing a trampoline with sturdy, non-slip grips, like those of the Acon FIT lineup.
How much space do you need for an indoor trampoline?
As a general rule, Acon recommends three feet of space around the perimeter edge of the trampoline.