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How much is a big trampoline?
Big trampolines can range in price depending on the quality and customer reviews of the manufacturer. With an excellent track record of satisfied buyers, Acon big trampolines range from around $1,099 for base models up to $2,299 for premium enclosure flagship models.
How big of a trampoline do I need?
The bigger the performance, the larger trampoline you want. Stunts require a larger size than simple fun family jumping. More advanced flippers often choose a rectangular shape and families often choose a round shape for a more consistent bounce. Acon recommends 3 feet of space around the trampoline edge.
What size is a big trampoline?
Acon big trampolines are considered anything 15ft and above.
How much weight can a big trampoline hold?
Acon trampolines are designed for both kids and adults to enjoy. Big Acon trampolines have no single user weight limits, so adults can jump with ease. Remember, Acon safety guidelines recommend that only a single user jumps on the mat of a trampoline at a time.
How to put a large trampoline together?
Putting together a large trampoline, such as an Acon, begins by assembling the leg bases of the metal frame, then connecting the legs to the outer frame. Next, the trampoline mat is connected to the frame with the galvanized metal springs. Finally the safety padding is attached, and the safety enclosure assembled on top.
How to take apart a large trampoline?
Taking apart a large trampoline like an Acon is best done in the reverse order of assembly. Begin by disassembling the safety enclosure on top. Remove and store the pads for safe keeping. Then, one by one, disconnect the springs from the mat. Finally, take apart the metal frame and store everything in a cool, dry location.