Jumper's feet on the Trampoline

Air 2022.

The new family of Acon trampolines keeps on elevating. Anchored by our flagship 16ft and 13 ft rectangle models. Extended by a stunning series of sizes of round trampolines. Each one engineered with Synergy Design to create the perfect performance of frame, mat and springs, together.

Our Best Bounce keeps getting better

With every new lineup of trampolines we create, our aim is to launch you higher than ever before. With our new X-springs, which come standard on every Acon 2022 model, you'll gain even more air.

New for 2022, we're offering an upgrade for stunt performers and trickers looking to take their leaps to the extreme. New Piano Wire springs were created to stretch further, store more energy and propel you with a leap you’ve ever experienced with an Acon. All with a smoother bounce. The new Performance Kit with the Piano Wire springs is included in our 16HD and 13HD Performance Trampoline Packages, and available separately as a Trampoline Accessory as the Acon Performance Kit.

Detail of the Acon X-Springs installed

Acon X-Springs

Detail of the Acon Piano Wire Springs installed

Acon Piano Wire Springs

Performance Excellence since 1996

From our first day, we’ve relentlessly been pursuing the biggest thrills. It’s our mission for Acon trampolines to be the launchpad for your family fun, whether that's time together or practicing new flips and tricks.

It's why our new lineup was created by listening to your needs. In session after session, we brought customers into our design process, refining and improving based on your feedback. So, we could deliver the trampolines of your dreams.

ACON Since 1996 trampoline closeup

Safety performance too

Our Synergy Design technology maximizes every millimeter of our equipment to create unparalleled performance. The same is true for the safety of our latest models, which has taken another big leap, too. Our 13ft model features a new over-the-springs safety skirt.

Closeup of the Air 13HD's Spring Skirt

A Sleek New Look

Acon has been crafting eye-popping designs that families are proud to show off in their backyard for more than a generation. We’re dedicated to keeping pace with the latest in design trends to make sure you stay on point: Two-tone ACON Garden Green coloring and sleek detailing to bring sophistication to your backyard. We can write more about it, but it's better to just check out the pictures to see the new style.

Acon HD Trampoline seen from above

There's no Experience like Acon

  • Soft and thick safety paddings with UV treated materials.
  • No single user weight limit.
  • ACON Synergy Design offers the best bounce in the business
  • High-quality, UV treated, SmartMesh (no finger snags) enclosures
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly, UV treated matt materials and design
  • Quality and market’s sturdiest construction with a galvanized steel frame fit for year-round usage

What’s new with the 2022 Air Lineup

  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Customizable bounce with two new spring designs (X-Springs and Piano Wire Springs) and a new, two-way spring set up for the 13ft model
  • Built for the roughest weather conditions
  • Improved, easy to follow product assembly instructions
  • New, sophisticated two-toned Acon Garden Green coloring that gives your backyard a fresh look
Acon New Lineup Trampolines 16 Sport HD, 14ft/4,3m Premium and Baby Acon 6ft/1,8m

All these leaps forward in performance and design mean higher, more great looking leaps for you.


Acon 2022 collection