ACON Team & Ambassadors

Our team of ACON insiders consists of two groups of enthusiasts. We like to think of the first – the ACON Team – as the core. They lay the foundation for what we are, and what we strive to be. Make no mistake: perfection is not what we look for. Perfection, while being an honourable goal, rarely proves fulfilling in the long run.

ACON Team and Ambassadors



What we strive to do is much more than that. We want to activate people. We want to bring people closer. We want you to enjoy sports together. This is where our team comes in: they act out our mission, and live according to what we believe in. Team members are responsible for representing us – not only in every-day life – but in competitions and other events.


ACON Ambassadors

Our customers have shaped ACON into what it is today. Fittingly, the latter of the two groups – our ACON Ambassadors – act as our eyes and ears around the scene. As with our Team members, our Ambassadors also reflect our values. They act as messengers between us and our friends around the globe.


In General

We do not have a pre-determined set of requirements for our Team members or Ambassadors. We do not call for particular traits – such as follower counts, or superior abilities as an athlete – but rather, we look at the big picture. We aim at finding people who embody what ACON stands for. Chosen ACON Team members and ACON Ambassadors will be reviewed two to three times a year to ensure that our decisions keep bearing fruit in the long run.



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