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ACON Wave G183 -goalkeeper, NEW Model

New model! The new model of ACON Wave G183 goalkeeper is designed to withstand hard use all year round.  The goalkeeper fits all official-size (72 x 48") ice hockey goals.






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The ACON Wave G183 goalkeeper includes realistic looking goalie graphics designed to elevate scoring accuracy and training motivation. Manufactured from PVC, the goalkeeper withstands UV radiation and year-round use.

In the new model the fastening has been improved making the goalkeeper more durable.

Backed by a 1 year warranty!



See below a video of NHL star Mikael Granlund testing out some ACON Wave products. 


Package size 49 x 10 x 1"
Warranty 1 year
Delivery terms By postal
Size 72 x 48" (official size ice-hockey goal)
Material UV treated PVC
Weight 4,4 lbs


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