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ACON Air 1.8 Trampoline (Black Frame)

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The ACON Air trampolines are designed to provide the best Air for the jumps, making no compromises in safety! 

Suitable for both kids and adults, the ACON Air trampolines are built to last.






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The ACON Air 1.8 is a 6 ft. diameter, round fitness or recreational trampoline. Being the smallest model in our line-up, we call it the “Baby Acon”. Don’t be fooled, though – it still packs a punch and it’s built to last. Designed for both kids and adults, the baby acon is the fitness partner you always needed, but on its free-time, it likes to provide the kids with fun and games both in, and outside the house.

All replacement parts are kept in stock.


The quality of ACON Air 1.8 trampoline consists of top of the market components:

* Strong galvanized steel frame pipes, backed by a 1 year warranty!

* 6 times cross sewed polypropylene UV-treated mat.

* 48 heavy gauge 7" springs.

* 1.2" extra thick rubber coated spring pad.


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Weight limit 220 lbs.
Safety pad Thick vinyl covering, thickness 1.2 inches
Springs Galvanized inside and out
* 48 qty
* Preload tension 8.8 lbs. (=39N)
* Length 7 inches
* Spring Puller Tool Included
Trampoline mat Cross Sewed Polypropelene
* 6 times sewing
* Made in USA
Height 19 inches
Size Diameter 6 feet
Warranty 1 year
Delivery terms Home shipping
Frame Galvanized Steel
* Frame Diameter 1.5 inches
* Frame Thickness 1.5 mm
Weight 77 lbs.


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